“We would like to try my hand at the home of indigo.”

In 2015, BUAISOU was established in Kamiita-cho, Tokushima Prefecture. We carry out the indigo dyeing industry, which has traditionally been a division of labor, from cultivating the raw material, indigo, to making sukumo, dyeing, designing, and manufacturing.We also produce original indigo dyed products, collaborate, and exhibit them both domestically and internationally. We also hold workshops and communicate the appeal of natural indigo using a variety of methods. The indigo dyed with an indigo liquid fermented using only thatch, wood lye, bran, and shell ash is characterized by deep, beautiful coloring and high fastness. In 2018, we completed our original dream of indigo-dyed jeans made by hand-dying each skein of thread. In the future, our goal is to produce jeans while growing cotton, weaving, and maintaining old sewing machines.