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Hanamichi T-shirt Dyed by BUAISOU

Hanamichi T-shirt Dyed by BUAISOU

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Thick 11 oz. oversized T-shirt with pockets, dyed by BUAISOU, an indigo artist and dyer in Tokushima, Japan.
It features a loose silhouette and rough fabric.

The chest pocket is decorated with a design of Hanamichi Sakuragi using a technique called "Discharge printing".

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Size: L Length 69cm / Width 120cm / Shoulder width 56cm / Sleeve length 24cm / Cuffs 43cm
*MODEL: 179cm 63kg
Material: 100% cotton Technique (design part): Discharge dyeing
Editing: Wakayama
Prefecture Sewing: SKM (Sukumo), Tokushima
Prefecture : 2022

About the T-shirt This material is made of 80% DCH and 20% Subin, which are rare ultra-long cotton from India.Due to the length of the fibers, this material is usually characterized by its luster and suppleness, but we dare to air-spun it. By arranging thick threads and using loop stitching to create a stiff, fluffy fabric that shows off the knitted fabric. The fiber length and density make it strong enough to be worn for many years, and it has a unique texture that cannot be achieved with other fabrics. Although it is heavy, it has a spacious feel and a round body design with no side seams, so you wont feel stressed. However, dyeing is difficult. Hanging knitting: An old-fashioned knitting machine that works slowly without putting stress on the threads. The fabric retains the original softness of the thread. Unlike modern high-speed knitting machines, this method does not put unnecessary strain on the threads, such as knitting by applying tension to the threads or winding the fabric while pulling it, resulting in less pain and resulting in high-quality, long-lasting fabrics. Air spinning: Called air spinning or open-end yarn (OE yarn), the yarn is twisted using the power of air. This spinning method has high production efficiency, but is difficult to produce fine count, and is characterized by its unevenness, crispness, and hard texture, and is often seen on old American-made T-shirts.


・For the first two or three washes after purchase, we recommend washing gently in lukewarm water with an appropriate amount of neutral detergent. We also recommend that you wash tapestries, curtains, and other decorative items by hand in hot water once every six months to a year to remove any scum.
・Please use detergents that do not contain optical brighteners or bleach as much as possible.
・BUAISOU’s indigo-dyed products are treated to remove scum and retain natural color as much as possible after dyeing, but there may be slight fading or color transfer due to vigorous rubbing during use.
・A brown-yellow pigment may appear when washed, but this is a lye component unique to indigo dyeing, and as you wash it repeatedly, the lye will come off and the vivid color that is unique to natural indigo dyeing will increase. Please use BUAISOU’s indigo dyed products for a long time.
・As the products are handmade, each item may vary in color and pattern.
・The scum may react with ultraviolet rays such as sunlight and cause discoloration. Please store away from UV rays. If the color changes, soak it in hot water overnight and wash it repeatedly. Machine washing (fashionable washing) is also possible.