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Alphabet notebook

Alphabet notebook

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Hanamichi Plotting Notebook If people create things through the process of working with their hands, then notebooks are the first step in every act of "creation". Writing. Painting. Folding. Tearing. Enfolding. Open the cover, and just like that, your own "creation" will begin.

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Package size: W300 x H210
Body size: W300 x H210 (A4)
Paper used:
[Cover] (White) OK Blizzard 46 size 51.5kg (Red) NT Rasha dark red 46 size 70kg
[Main text] Marukin Manila Senco Paper size 32kg
Printing: Cover/2 special colors Text/No printing Binding: Machine binding (thread color red)
Enclosure: Envelope holder + clasp sticker included