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Hanamichi Pockets 2

Hanamichi Pockets 2

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A small waxed paper pocket. These pockets help you organise things that tend to get scattered around your bag.

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Body size: [S] W110 x H75 mm [M] W175 x H125 mm [L] W240 x H185 mm
Package size: 190 x 245 mm
Body paper: Wax paper
Set contents: Brown [S] 2 sheets [M] 1 piece
      Gray [S] 2 pieces [L] 1 piece


・Wax has a low melting point and may melt and stick when the temperature reaches 50-60℃.
・There is no problem at room temperature, but please do not leave it in direct sunlight or in a closed car for a long time, or bring it close to fire.
・Do not use with food etc. inside.