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HANAMICHI embroidered towel

HANAMICHI embroidered towel

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A towel embroidered with colorful flower paths. HOTMAN's 1 second towel has excellent water absorption.
Perfect for sports as well as everyday use. Domestic production with a focus on quality.

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Package size: 22 x 22 x 4 cm
Body size: 120 x 30 cm
Material: 100% cotton
Contents: 1 piece
Production: Japan 1 Second Towel When a test piece made by cutting a towel into 1 cm squares is floated on water for 1 second This refers to a towel that begins to sink within a short period of time. The highly absorbent 1-second towel instantly absorbs moisture just by pressing it against it. It is gentle and comfortable to use on sensitive skin and hair after a bath, as well as on babies.
*1 Second Towel is carried out by Hotman Co., Ltd. according to its own regulations.
*1 Second Towel is a registered trademark of Hotman Co., Ltd.


・The first few times, the fuzz and color may fade, so please wash separately from other items. - If you use fabric softener, the pile may come off, feathers may fall off, or water absorption may decrease. Please avoid using it as much as possible or follow the indicated usage amount.
・If you use bleach, please use oxygen bleach. - Avoid washing with detergents that contain fluorescent agents, as this may cause uneven coloring or discoloration.

・Fold the towel in half, shake it several times, adjust its shape, and dry it in a shaded, well-ventilated place.The pile will rise and dry softly.
・If you leave it wet, it may cause color transfer or odor due to the growth of bacteria. We recommend washing frequently and drying immediately.
・If you use a drum dryer, you will get a nice texture, but please be careful not to dry it too much as it may become hard.

・Washing new towels lightly with water first will prevent the threads from coming off. If the thread comes out, please cut it with scissors without pulling it.